PrestaShop Development

Being a successful PrestaShop Development Company in Noida & Lucknow, We have developed e-Commerce Store,
Marketplace and extensions to suit every businessmen for online Business .


Google trends of Prestashop

Google Trends is a free online tool to search for trends. It is based on the number of times a keyword is searched on Google over a period of time. And since it also integrates geographic data, it is particularly useful for local SEO. you'll be find out some important information that you can use to your advantage if you run an online business. You will also learn how to use Google Trends for keyword research as well as some important tips you should keep in mind.


Looking for an e-Commerce platform to develop your online store?

PrestaShop is an open source platform which is developed in PHP Programming language. This programming language platform is very much suitable for all kind of business not matter that is small or medium size. PrestaShop is platform which is having almost all features that you need in order to start any business, It is having range of extension to increase the productivity of your store.


Key advantages of having a PrestaShop development

PrestaShop is an online open-source platform which having more than 2 to 3 lakhs store running on it world-wide.

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OpenSource Platform

Donation from all large community of developers making it feature rich Day-by-Day.

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Store Scalability

PrestaShop is supporting multi store and multi language functionality also.

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Fast Rendering

Its’s having single dashboard with highly customizable and scalable storefront also.

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Inbuild SEO

Integrating all SEO features to improve the visibility of your store

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Micro Service

By the help of existing module add-on-marketplace which help you to increase traffic,Improve conversion rate and will be help you to build customer loyality for your store

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Product Supports

This is having functionality of product options like simple, Variation , group , Downloadable etc

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CMS Channels

Providing a dedicated CMS Channel for the effective management for your store

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Themes Available

This having multiple themes client can choose according to the business requirements.Fast Rendering: Its’s having single dashboard with highly customizable and scalable storefront also.

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Data Migratiom

By this we can migrate data

We delivered 1500+ enterprise website for different verticals

We Aara Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Have delivered 1500+ enterprise websites all over the World . Which is having multiple advance functionality which will be make easy your business or reduce complexity of your business.

  • Migrations are done with utmost care to prevent any kind of data loss.
  • We analyze the existing website thoroughly to provide you with the best possible solution for migration.
  • Useful inputs related to migration upon careful analysis delivered by our technical team at each stage.
  • After migration follow-up to provide extra technical support in case of any issue.

PrestaShop Migration

PrestaShop is creating Module also, and we are also providing migration services to our clients. Whether you can migrate old version to new version of PrestShop or from another platform. We are always here to your support


PrestaShop Marketplace

Are you looking to start your online business then PrestaShop marketplace will help you run your business in market. You would be tern your shop into your online e-commerce platform which is called Marketplace.
Apart from that all we are providing customize services to our client according to their needs. This is not we are providing a marketplace it is place where we are trying to provide you all necessary goods at a single place.

PrestaShop Customization Services

Increasing Users base online store is continuously demand latest functionality. We are well understand what they already developed or service need some more changes in technologies as well functionality also.We are offering Customization Services also:

  • Customization of existing modules as per client’s requirement.
  • A new customized on-demand module/extension with required features.
  • Deployment of the customized modules after thorough testing by developers and testers both.
  • Technical support after the deployment of the customized module.

PrestaShop Theme Development

When any one going to open an online store , most of the businessmen are worried to integrate the features and functionality first, and they should be. In all of these they are going to forget most important things: appearance/ aesthetics.

What if the appearance of your website does not resonate with the products you offer?

Then it might leave you with unaccountable losses. Therefore, in order to minimize the effect of this, you must apply a theme that in some way resembles your product and services. So that you get the customer’s attention and curiosity for long enough to crawl through your website pages.
But, don’t you worry even for a minute; we’ve got you covered even here. From some already developed themes to customized themes, we have it all. We work together with the clients to develop the theme that is specifically developed according to their requirement.

PrestaShop Shipping & Payment Integrations

We all understand that how simple inefficiency in an ecommerce domain, some time it’s cost high, lots of sales to merchant . Mainy of time we are facing problem of unavailiility of a suitable shipping or payment method options. Most of the customers are leaving website due to un availibilty of multiple payment methods , In order to minimize the cart losses occurring dues to we have

  • Developed multiple shipping extensions as well as integrated shipping services like UPS, USPS etc.
  • Crafted payment extensions for PrestaShop like PayPal, Braintree, Stripe etc.
  • Developed some custom payment and shipping solutions in order to increase the productivity of the store.

PrestaShop POS Development

In current market conditions, POS is quite using by merchants around all over the world. They are not trying to help merchants to increase efficiency but it is the fast and reliable too.
While we continuously work towards making the PrestaShop POS module even better, it might not even suit everyone’s needs. And, in case of such an event, we also offer customization services on the POS module according to clients’ needs. Our customization costs are as per industry standards and purely based on the efforts required to apply the demanded tweaks.


The reasons to consider PrestaShop starting your own eCommerce business are:
Scalability: You can run multiple stores on it and is very suitable for the needs of new eCommerce ventures.
Products: Helps you to create multiple types of products like Standard, Virtual, Pack, etc.
Themes: Range of interactive themes available to suit the products. Content Management: Integrated CMS tool for efficient management of content available at the store.

Yes, our POS plugins are open-source. You can modify the POS as per your needs just by playing with the code.

The solution is POS. Every sale you make through the physical channel can be easily synchronized with the online platform.

We continuously monitor the market requirements by analyzing the custom requests made by the clients.Data wise, we see a way to contribute to the eCommerce community.

Yes, we provide this type of services to the customers. From setting up your shop to having all the custom made features you need to function to your full potential.