Odoo Development Company

Aara is an Odoo Development company and odoo is an enterprise development planning, It is an open-source solution coded on Python and designed for managing a business of an enterprise of any type of scale. We are offering Quick and effective development solutions.

Keypoints of Success in Odoo

There is a huge range of schemes and assets when odoo comes to development while you still building, and updating handling an eCommerce store and marketing on the side could be a lot to take on. You can stop all this and lose your business, we don't want bad for our customers, and for that, we are here to help you.


Open source Odoo ERP Software

Open source ERP system refers to an enterprise resource planning software in which the public has been authorized the source code of the system. Opensource ERP provides a unified view of the core business process using any common database.
We are developing Odoo services from scratch To finish. Are you looking for the premier ERP solution for your business? Want to track your everyday stats? Want to have an ERP that fulfills your business requirements? Or you are afraid to invest in the solution “ODOO” and forget all the complex hurdles of business management. Odoo development company - Oddo is the most robust growing Open Source business solution in the world. It always allows you to make the best decisions through its flexible and fully customizable solution. We Aara technologies using Odoo development serve any customer requirements for any business solutions. We are providing full implementation, customization, development, data migration, training, and support.

Odoo Open Source

Key point for success in Odoo development

There is a huge range of schemes and assets when odoo comes to Digital Marketing, while you still building, and updating handling an eCommerce store and marketing on the side could be a lot to take on. You can stop all this and lose your business, we don't want bad for our customers, and for that, we are here to help you.

OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform

OpenSource Platform

Odoo is an open-source platform, Odoo is an open source process, to get the source code of which you have to get a license, then you can develop it.

OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform

Robust Architecture

This is a strong designing process that helps your business to grow in the market very fast.

OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform

Integrated Scalability

By Integrated Scalability users can understand all complex problems easily in Odoo.

OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform

Improve businesses Performance

It helps you to increase your business in Accounting, e-Commerce, Points of sales, Inventory, and many more. By use of Odoo, we can make our business user-friendly or we can say easy. Odoo has some of its own customers.

OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform

Easy to learn

Odoo achieves an easy work module in business which is used to fulfill all requirements of any business.

OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform

Omni-Channel Reach

Odoo has highly centralized data and also has more clients reach globally.

Here are the main features of the App development

We are not here to fulfill your present needs only we want to upgrade you to the present need of customers and the market. We are here to help you to update yourself on the market needs. Odoo also helps you research the current or upcoming market.


Mobile App Development

Nowadays most people are using Mobile phones. As compared to desktop users or laptop user counting of Mobile phones is more than the number of desktop users or laptop users. We at Aara Technologies will help you unlock your handheld devices which are used to lock your store with the help of our Mobile Applications.

  • We have already successfully Designed and Developed Mobile Application for Odoo Website
  • We cater the both platform : Android & IOS.
  • We have delivered successfully Developing and deploying the Mobile Apps for Odoo.
  • We have Developed Customize solution on Odoo.

Odoo Migration Services

Aara technologies Migrate your Odoo Application in the upcoming Odoo Version.

  • We at Aara Technologies make it our day-to-day task of handling the Odoo migration of our clients so it is done properly.
  • Rigorous study of client's setup to develop the roadmap for proper migration.
  • Providing Testing services before and after deployment to ensure closure of any discrepancies.
  • Enabling Odoo migration and enhancements solutions to our clients.


Odoo SAAS Development

Cloud computing is currently taking 90% market. It brings scalability, minimal maintenance, and uninterrupted access to Odoo from anywhere. Odoo SaaS development is one of our major focuses because it offers the optimal solutions to every business especially for small to medium-sized companies while being light on their pockets. We are developing a Module that will be compatible with Odoo SAAS. Our main focus is speared Odoo on the cloud platform to grow our business in the market. We pioneered the development of modules that transform your Odoo server into a SaaS service provider with Odoo SaaS Kit Enabling businesses to realize Odoo SaaS server at their end. Innovating, Implementation, and Setting Up the Odoo.

Odoo Customization Services

We know one size is not fit for all modules that's why we use the more powerful module and handcrafted cogs in place so you can use odoo as per requirements:

  • We are taking care of all small or major Odoo Customizations requests.
  • We also optimize the performance of all Odoo databases to deliver highly efficient and faster performance.
  • Customize other third-party modules to make them more attractive.
  • We are also providing services to append features to Odoo Module according to our client's requirements.
  • We are building a module from Scratch for you.


Odoo Marketplace Pioneers

As a current condition of the market e-Commerce takes a huge place in the market, Marketplace become more and more to bring the local market. It will help you to keep all local businesses in one place. Brick & Mortar shops are realizing the power of eCommerce; more and more shops are moving towards having their identity on the internet. We here at Aara Technologies were the first to introduce a Marketplace in Odoo.Frontrunners in implementing, optimizing, and setting up the marketplace on your Odoo.Odoo Marketplace offers a perfect solution to start your own marketplace locally or internationally. All this because Odoo is easily customizable and scalable to your requirements; bring sellers to your online Marketplace with Odoo.

Odoo Themes Development

As we all know that designing is attractive to people, So if your designing will be good more visitors will be to your website. This is the place where the Odoo themes come in.

  • We develop themes for Both Odoo websites and their Backend that are highly responsive.
  • Developing Odoo themes that add new features and layers to the Odoo websites to make them more engaging.
  • Optimized for performance, loading time, and SEO.
  • We also customize our themes to make them compatible with third-party modules on your Odoo.


Odoo Multi-Platform Connectivity Services

We all know that we can run easy websites on multiple e-commerce platforms. It is also beneficial for all of us. But the added management cost and resources needed can sometimes be overwhelming.That is what Odoo can do for you. And this is where we come in..

  • We develop software that connects different e-commerce platforms with ODOO so you can manage them even more effectively.
  • Develop effective and easy-to-use Odoo Multi-Channel Connectors so you can manage multiple websites at once.
  • Studying closely the market trend and current inclination towards various channels to develop the right products for our clients.
  • We not only develop but also optimize and customize the Odoo connectors as per our client's requirements.

Odoo POS Development

POS is growing everywhere which is very fast and easy to use and it is easy to manage also. Odoo POS is covering these all topics very easily. This is giving you much more facility to store your data and save you data too, It is advanced enough to provide you with plethora of features for your store management. And easy enough to customize and mould it to your needs.

  • We make Odoo POS more efficient and user-friendly; to improve queue management in your store.
  • Providing POS Hardware and Software solutions and alternatives to reduce dependency on IoT Box.
  • Developing customer-centric modules for Odoo POS.
  • Handling customization requests from clients all over the world.
  • We cater to clients wanting to Make Odoo POS Faster to load with POS Speed Up development.
  • Develop Mobile Apps for Odoo POS to make it fit in your hands.


PWA Development For Odoo Ecommerce

PWA Development for Odoo eCommerce is the perfect combination of websites. It is providing more facilities for other Mobile Applications also.

  • One for the future of mobile technology; our aim is to provide PWA benefits to our clients with the development of PWA for Odoo e-commerce.
  • The Odoo eCommerce PWA aims to improve the mobile browsing experience of customers.
  • It provides features such as offline browsing, pushes notification integration, cache support, etc.
  • Provide solutions to customers seeking to enhance speed, features, and usability on their website for use on mobile devices.

We have worked across different verticals and industries

We Aara Technologies worked across multiple industries which are given below.

OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform


OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform


OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform


OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform


OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform


OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform

Help Desk

OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform


OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform


OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform


OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform


OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform


OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform


OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform


OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform

Email Marketting

OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform

Marketting Automation

OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform


OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform


OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform



Yes, the Odoo community edition is open source. Odoo comes in two editions

  • Community edition – Free of cost and Open source
  • Enterprise edition – Here pricing depends on region, users, apps, and hosting

Yes,Odoo provides two options

  1. Odoo online
  2. Odoo.sh

Yes, Odoo has inbuilt eCommerce and CMS. Odoo is not just an ERP platform but includes a complete eCommerce platform as well.