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If you wish to scale to great heights in the internet business, contacting an experienced top-notch Indian mobile app development company really helps you in achieving that target. There are numerous reputed and experienced mobile android app development company and service providers in India that provide iOS and Android application development services at attractive prices. So, if you have a plan to develop an iOS or Android app for your respective organizations, it is imperative to contact an efficient Indian app development company in India for the same and without any hesitation we, Aara Technologies counted among the best Mobile App Development companies

Why is Aara Technologies known as the Best Mobile App Development Company in Delhi, Noida, Dubai, USA, Bangalore, or India?

Aara Technologies is a reputed Mobile App Development Company in Noida, Delhi, Dubai, USA, and Bangalore, India which provides cost-effective mobile application development services to its clients across the world. We have won the trust of customers for being counted in developing the best innovative apps for global clients. Android apps are popular amongst all age groups and professionals across the globe. If you are looking to market your products and services globally through mobile devices, Android would be a perfect fit for you.

The major reason why mobile apps are preferred by developers around the globe is the availability of hardware support. Various smartphone device manufacturers are providing their respective smartphones with extensive OS platform support and other hardware solutions to increase their market share. Therefore, in case you wish to market your app in India, you need not look out for a developer with extensive technical knowledge. You need to get in touch with an experienced mobile app development company in India that would be able to provide you with experienced and expert android app developers for customizing your app's user interface and other functionalities in a way that fulfills your business objectives and enhances your corporate image.

Apart from tapping the professional android developers in India, it is equally important to check out the third-party developer community as well. The android ecosystem is very huge and so it can be tough for a developer to make a presence and gain a following. This is where third-party developers come into play. Since a big chunk of people uses android devices worldwide, it would be ideal for an Indian company to collaborate or tie up with international android application development companies. Such a move will help the company provide a more convenient and attractive user experience to its customers and thus improve its brand image. On the other hand, it will also allow a cheaper expenditure on the part of the company which will help it cut down on expenditures incurred on the development of new apps.

Mobile app developers in India are well-versed with the latest technologies used by android programmers and can readily adapt them to the needs of your company. They have the technical expertise and are aware of the various functionalities of each android operating system. In addition to this, they can also help your company to customize its existing mobile apps by adding new features and functionalities along with the application of your choice. Apart from this, it also provides you with cost-effectiveness and greater flexibility and control over the future of your product.

The developers can also give you assistance with the android app development costs that may be required for your project. Indian companies offer competitive prices to their overseas clients in comparison to the rates charged by companies in developed countries like the USA and UK. There are certain disadvantages of working with local developers for your android apps, however. For example, Indian software companies are not as capable as their western counterparts when it comes to creating applications for more complex android platforms. Their understanding of the android platform may be less and they might not be able to incorporate all the features required for your project without any glitches.

Our Offered Services

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Being a leading mobile app development company across the world, we comprehensively cover every aspect of mobile app development both on the consumer-facing side and enterprise side. These include the following:

  • IOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Hybrid App Development (Xamarin & React Native)

Our Offered Services

We create mobile applications of any complexity and size: from award-winning B2C mobile applications to heavy, enterprise-grade mobile apps solutions that power mission-critical development processes beyond mere automation:

  • Mobility App Consulting: View Mobility from a New Perspective
  • Mobile Application Development and Maintenance
  • User Experience: Design and Testing Laboratories
  • Automated Mobile Application Testing and Performance Analysis
  • Mobile Application Security
  • Integration with Mobile Advertisement Network
  • Mobile Analytics
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  • Proven track record of successful mobile application project delivery
  • In-house, front-end specialists: Business Analysts, UX/UI Experts & Designers.
  • Shorter development times translate to lower costs for customers.
  • Mobile technology expertise and architectural best practices.
  • Strategic mobility consulting capability.
  • Rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing before “Go-Live” events.
  • User interface design capability.
  • HTML5 Hybrid application development and automated mobile testing platform.
  • Strong industry vertical domain knowledge.
  • Ability to integrate across standard and proprietary back-end systems.
  • A proven ability to deliver award-winning mobile applications.
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