Enterprise Software solutions

AARA Technologies deals in ready to go live enterprise solutions to their customers as well as with customized product. These products are effective in managing in customer's house process and to create time effective environemnt with track systems with follow up interfaces. We also provide upgrade to existing running solutions as per needs and demands.

We offer clients the benefit of our expertise knowledge of technology components, software test tools, enterprise application integration techniques, and diffrent platform environments to create optimized integrated robust systems that give support client’s business and technology needs.

AARA Technogies assists clients from initial requirements definition and planning, to over all architecture design, application deployment, integration, and Golive . Our expertise includes:

✔  Customised Application Design & development of open source based , using Linux, Apache, Perl, Python, PHP/UNIX, Java/J2EE and Microsoft .NET technologies.
✔  Customization deployment and integration of third-party software, including in-depth knowledge of leading application server terminology.
✔  Design and development of content management systems for corporate intranets and extranets.
✔  Web-enablement of legacy applications with all security features in build.
✔  migration of applications to new operating systems.
✔  Real estate inventory management and maintance systems readiness.
✔  Infrastructure design and maintance with all require enterise solutions.

Ready Go Enterprise products:

♻  HR Payroll system(to manage employee engagement).
♻  Work day Services
♻  CRM
♻  Sales Force Cosulting
♻  Inventory management system.

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Enterprise Software solutions Process

Our Enterprise Software solutions services give you best experience.


We are an enterprise product based company. Our product is bug-free and designed as per the organization's internal use to manage their in-house structure. Our Business development team reach custoner and present the benefits of using these products.
Analyzing our product is to describe its internal work structure. The motive is to close customer's requirement and of any customization require, same can be acceptable.

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Our product is already in production, our customer is already getting its benefit. If there is any customization required from the customer, we do its development and add it as a patch for our product.
Redevelopment process requires in case of customer ask for any customization or add-on features in the product.

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Product hosting is required to use it in public or private domain. Both options are open and flexible as per our customer needs how ever customer can also opt for our online portal. There are certain criteria need to be followed if the customer chooses for private hosting.
Dedicated and shared both options are available in hosting as these are being managed by AARA's support team in the data center.

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Our dedicated experienced support team is available 24*7 for support of any critical issue. There is a support matrix get followed to achieve on-time support for the customer. We also propose on site if the customer has opted for private hosting inside their domain.
For any issues, the customer can directly reach our support contact and email us at enterprise-support@aaratechnologies.com.

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