Data Engineering

Big Data engineering has an effective impact on the growth of any business solution. Big Data engineering is a complex and constantly changing ecosystem, and choice of infrastructure impacts the business value derived from your data. Noah Data understands that even Top Enterprises would find it challenging, to identify the right combination of tools & technologies from the explosion of choices available in the Big Data ecosystem. We help clients understand this ecosystem and the aara technology choices available and devises strategic road map, to help them leverage and implement the right “best fit” solution. Through a well-phased Agile Managed Services Framework covering inception through roll-out services – Strategic road map recommendations, Architecture Advisory, Pilot/Prototype and Implementation, Data accelerates the delivery of strategic Big Data initiatives.
At AARA, we leverage our end-to-end Big Data Engineering and Advanced Analytics solutions delivery expertise, to identify the right Big Data Infrastructure that meets your business objective, time and IT budget constraints. Our Big Data Infrastructure services accelerate the time to value from your Big Data deployments, without disrupting your legacy infrastructure and maintaining TCO. We offer vendor-neutral recommendations, and have expertise in both ISV and open source products.

☣  Our Big Data Solutions  ☣

♻  Implementation of Big data system

♻  Cluster based architecture and design. inhouse or cloud based solution

♻  Devops support maintance

♳  Application development

♴  Application migration

♵  Maintenance & Support

♶  Performance tuning

♻  Administration

♳  Cluster monitoring

♴  Backup & Recovery

♵  Version/Patch management

☣  Our Services ivolves:

♻  Retail

♻  E-Commerce

♻  Financial Services

♻  On Demand customize reporting system

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Data Engineering Process

Our Data Engineering services give you best experience.


AARA Technologies's data engineering team has an innovative approach to provide the best support for data related issues and also provide best solutions. We deal with data architecture, master data management, and data quality. All these terms are worth a Google as there are whole practices built around them.
The first step to understand the requirement and discuss its timeline and approach and decide the roadmap for the customer.

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Big data technologies cloud-based analytics bring significant cost advantages when it comes to storing large amounts of data – plus they can identify more efficient ways of doing business. AARA has an expert team of data engineers and they are specialized in various technologies i.e Hadoop, ES, Mongo DB.

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Data Monetization targets using data for quantifiable economic benefits. This can include indirect ways such as measurable business performance improvements, beneficial terms or conditions from business partners, information bartering, productizing information (i.e., new information-based offerings), “informational” products (i.e., including information as a value-add component of an existing offering).
it enables easy way to convert data into structural way and provide significant results as per our need.

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Big data ingestion is about rotating data - especially unstructured surface - from where it is originated, into a system where it can be stored and analyzed. As the number of IoT sources grows, both volume and variant of data sources are expanding as well, sources which we need to be accommodated, and often in real time.

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AARA team has developed a data analytics platform which can be directly integrated with source on various platform and provides one from end interface to customer for best results. the integration process with this data system is easily understandable and doable as well.
We are already handling many customers and proving them this product with the best results.

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