Bulk Messaging Solution

Bulk Email and SMS Solutions are placing a key role in our customer organization to grow their business. We focus on spam free and fast delivery for the marketing bulk campaign. Email marketing is a convoluted effort – each mail has its own creative function, target base, and marketing goals attached to it. That’s why it’s important that when you’re planning your marketing email campaigns, you should work with an experienced mail solution company and marketing campaign artificial tool that understands the requirements of each marketing mail type.
AARA’s EMAIL products ensure that no matter what type of bulk campaign you target, delivery will be with the highest quality. We are working for you to add potentials with your email list for marketing emails. By adding into best experiences and having the system to track your performance & stats.

📧  Email Marketing Software:

AARA's email marketing software ensures to provide you best delivery towards the targeted base. our system is well designed and interface made execution of email marketing simple and provide relevant reports as well. Key Features as well.
➲  broadcast all mail from your web browser.
➲  allowed to be in use all over the world.
➲  best secured web gui which fully compliant with all necessary security features and ssl enable.
➲  Our server are procted to firewall and under scan to avoid attacks.
➲  Accurate delivery bandwitch in access of 100,000 emails per hour.
➲  Fully Spam Compliant.
➲  Cost effective value! Low cost in the corporate.
➲  The best GUI based MAIL marketing software for self-managed maketing campaigns.
➲  NO ISP issues and bandwidth problem.
➲  All email campaigning will be routed through our bulk mail servers and bandwidth.
➲  Gets email delivered into the vip ISPs.
➲  GUI based mail marketing product allows you to login from any where/ any system.

📧  Customize Email Campaign for # Uers to send to your site directly

Step 1) Select the user list.
Step 2) Enter in your website full address(www.yoursite.com).
Step 3) Place your order and visitors are sent directly to your website!

Benefits of Cutomize package:

♳  Get 100% unique visitors with every guaranteed web site traffic order.
♴  Upon receipt of your order, your campaign is setup within 24 hours.
♵  Unique traffic for best results.
♶  Delivery is full windows size.
♷  Unlike small banner ads, your data is always served within a full-size window.
♸  Reports and stats are accesible for real time tracking.

📩  SMS Messaging Solutions:

SMS has emerge to be a safe communication channel available in the world thats all critical transactions are happing via SMS chanel. it also ivolves import role in promotions of any company marketing campaign. AARA technologies has dedicated SMSC solutions which are adding benefits to customer by using them as in transactional and promotional deeds. some of features are as below.

♻  web based sms submit tool.

♻  scheduled & recurring campaign via web based interface.

♻  stats and reports to track delivery.

♻  SMS API channels for developers to use with hash key and xml based submit.

♻  encoding enable api interface, also provide delivery report to source as per requirement.

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Bulk Messaging Solution Process

Our Bulk Messaging Solution services give you best experience.


GUI based mail marketing product allows you to log in from anywhere/ any system. Email marketing is cost effective and reliable as well for our customer. We have email solutions deployed in our data center, the customer is already using its services. Email solution can also be deployed in the customer's in-house environment with valid license and commercials.

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Application to peer SMS solution is being used by the customer to send a notification to the existing customer also to advertise new solutions. The best part with A2P web-based GUI is to get the delivery report as well, and if the delivery failed there can be retry set as well for final delivery. Now A2P SMS solution is a most reliable marketing tool in the corporate market.

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the World is connected now with SMS solutions and it has many benefits as well, its security is a most important part that's why it's in use for transactional traffic as well. Now all banks and corporations are using SMS application for secure notification to their users and AARA's SMS API is favorite for the developer. We have more than 200 customers already using our SMS API.

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