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CMS Mobile App

Content Management System generally refers to an web-based application that enables multiple users with different privilege levels to manage any type of data, content or information of any website application, project on the internet forum.


WooCommerce Mobile App

Aara Technologies has served mobile applications for many famous brands. Some of them are Nokia, HTC, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, etc.We help you to develop a mobile application for your website that facilitates your users the simple navigation. Also, it helps the users to browse your store anytime from anywhere.We offer both Android and iOS applications for your website. Users will experience a great response time for native or cross-platform applications.Includes much advanced application development in terms of innovations, augmented reality features and many more.

Opencart Mobile App

Aara Technologies develops mobile apps that combine great design, top-notch technology, and an understanding of business values.We work in all ways to make sure that every mobile solution we deliver meets your expectations.Working with us you’ll experience the ease of working with smart, experienced, remote teams.We formate your website into an application that facilitates simple navigation i.e. click and go.We’ll optimize your website for both Android and iOS devices.


Magento Mobile App

We serve mobile applications for brands such as Nokia, HTC, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, etc. We help you to develop mobile application for your website. The mobile application will facilitate simple navigation to your users through the store.Aara Technologies help you to develop both Android and iOS applications for your website. Experience a good response time for native or cross-platform applications.We Aara Technologies are also in advanced application development in terms of innovations, Augmented Reality features.

How To work

Add Products

Aara Technologies will help you to add your all products on your website with proper description and all necessary things which will be good for your products.E-commerce websites are mainly used for selling products or buying some products so for adding products we will help you.


Get Notified

We serve e-commerce mobile applications where we will provide you Notification facility,By which you always receive notification regarding your products buying or selling.How many vendors are coming on your website that all important things we will send to proper notifications.Aara Technologies will provide you best e-commerce development services with notification facilities.

How To work

Manage Orders

Aara tEchnologies design and develop best e-Commerce Mobile application by which you can manage your order too.Vendors will come to your website and you will get a proper notification regarding .Woo commerce will help you create the best e-Commerce Mobile Application.You can manage your multiple orders in a single time.


Track Your Stats

In e-Commerce website and Mobile Application we will provide you facility of tracking Reports and sales stats. To manage your online store effectively, you need to know what’s going on. Where your customers come from, how much money they spend, what products they buy, and how your special offers perform. To get these data insights, visit your backend admin or install apps to help you make data-driven decisions and improve your store.