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Being a top CodeIgniter development company, we offer CodeIgniter development services that include custom
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Codeigniter is an open-source and lightweight PHP framework. It is a powerful framework for software developers to build dynamic and instinctive web applications. Developers use it to build elegant websites and web applications rapidly. Codeigniter helps in reducing the effort needed for writing complex code and allows the developer to focus creatively on the web application. At Codeigniter India, we have a talented team of developers with the latest skills in code libraries that help us in delivering outstanding and secure web applications. With our experience in delivering Codeigniter applications across multiple domains, we are ready to accept any complex project. We develop corporate websites, professional websites, and business portals for our clients. You just tell us your requirements and we will build that application for you.
Codeigniter is highly suitable for any kind of business application from eCommerce to CRM software, from CMS to SaaS-based apps. Loads of packages are inbuilt into the core of Laravel which makes development lighting fast and easy to scale.


Advantages of CodeIgniter development service

OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform


It is simple and easy to deploy framework. Developers enjoy working with its user-friendly interface and develop secure as well as flexible web applications.

OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform

High Performance

It is a scalable and high-performance framework that guarantees feature-rich and reactive web applications. Users like smooth-working web applications.

OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform

Built-in Libraries

It comes with full packet libraries that enable all the web-needed tasks like database, form validation, sending an email, manipulating images, sending emails, etc.

OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform

Highly Secure

The security tools are already built-in making web application development a secure process. It hosts several security standards like cookie encryption and data handling.

OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform

Community Support

URLs generated by the Codeigniter framework are search engine friendly. This helps in the better ranking of web applications and drives quality visitors.

OpenSource Platform OpenSource Platform

Generate SEO-Friendly URLs

URLs generated by the Codeigniter framework are search engine friendly. This helps in the better ranking of web applications and drives quality visitors.

Here are the services includes for CodeIgniter development

Complex business application development

We have been continuously developing small and complex business applications for various brands around the globe. Our technical expert team provides a transparent development process with superior-quality apps. We have over a decade of experience in the eCommerce world and software development along with POS, Multitenant SaaS, PWA, etc. Whether it is a small application or a complex one, our expert team will always provide the best solution to our clients within an appropriate time.

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eCommerce and marketplace development

CodeIgniter is well-known for its endless features. It is highly scalable and secure which makes development easier, and faster and increases performance. We develop a CodeIgniter-based open-source eCommerce platform. It provides a wide range of functionality, and full control over the store and even you can create a marketplace as well. The platform allows easy customization and is easy to use for non-tech services. With the help of our multi-vendor module, you can also create a marketplace. An online platform where several vendors can assemble together to sell their products in a single eCommerce store.

Headless and Microservices

One of the best feature of CodeIgniter is that it supports Microservices which is very beneficial to create an application. The application is developed in various parts which makes implementation easier. These small parts are connected with each other via API and create a fully functioning application. Headless CMS along with CodeIgniter JSON API helps you to quickly build apps with a nice architecture that can easily run across different platforms and operating systems.

Headless & Microservices
eCommerce app

Mobile apps development

CodeIgniter is also popular for mobile app development as it offers predefined libraries that make app development easier. Laravel is the most recognized PHP framework within Github. And also, the most preferred choice for companies and developers to create an app. This PHP is one of the most popular frameworks amongst developers to develop a mobile app as it offers improvement in functionalities and many built-in features as well as security.

CodeIgniter Services and API integration

CodeIgniter is an appropriate choice to create an API. We can use API in several areas, build a PWA to integrate online shopping applications or integrate with Customer Resource Management, etc.API can be used in several areas like customer authentication, performing CRUD operations, etc. Also, with the help of web API, you can integrate your application to serve the default content.


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