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Reminder Software You Can Trust

The reminder system is designed for giving proper notification for any important events, birthdays, Offices meeting and etc. Reminder software is a type of time management computer software that is designed to alert the user of important events that they have input to the program. Most programs provide a calendar or list view of events, as well as a reminding technique


Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminder system is basically use for any Office Meetings or any official events, You can set date of events or meeting appointment reminder will send you reminder on the same date by which you can attend meeting and Events on time.

How do You set Appointment Reminde

  • Open Google Calendar app.
  • On the bottom of right side ,tap create,Reminder.
  • Enter you Reminder date
  • Select time and frequency.
  • In top right sight there will be save button click on that.
  • And the reminder “ll be set.

Event Scheduling And Reminder

Event scheduling & Reminder means this is software which is developed by Aara Technology for the scheduling reminder for any upcoming event . If you have to attend an event in the up coming time and you are afraid not to miss then this software will help and remind you for the specific events and meeting through your personal email or by sending msg on your personal contact no.


Birthday Reminder

Aara Technologies are developed a Birthday Reminder software that helps you remember important dates like Birthdays, Anniversaries, and about holidays also.

How do you set birthday Reminder

Double click on tap of Birthday and open recurring item dialog box. Click open the series and click on OK button , On the recurring event tab , In the option group , change the reminder time. You can set your reminder date up to 1 or 2 week before.

Task Reminder

Task Reminder System will remind you when to do item is reaching. When you are working or doing something, you might be forgetting to do your task at the same time. I also have this situation, so I create Task Reminder which help you guys to remember your tasks for the specific given time. All you need to do is create tasks, schedule a time to alert, This software system will help you to remember the time for your task by which you can do your task on given time schedule and also you can complete your specific task on time.

Built for small Business owner who want to save time:

  • Easy to use
  • Automatic
  • Reliable
  • Customizable